Help Will Come

Silicone Soul

Digital Single

Release date : 20/07/2015


1. Second Door On The Third Floor 
2. Help Will Come 
3. Fighting Gravity

Darkroom Dubs follow up the release of Pedro Aguiar's bottomless Landscapes And Heartbreaks LP with the first offering in 2 years from label bosses Silicone Soul.

With a back catalogue stretching back 17 years and having touched the likes of Soma, VC Recordings and most recently Deep Vibes Recordings alongside Sascha Dive, the Glaswegian duo's latest is a typically spectral concoction of tightly packed drums, moody chords and warm, sweeping bass synths.

Second Door On The Third Floor kicks things off with a taut 909 groove ahead of a plunge into a thick churning bass synth. Glacial sheets are sat atop an arresting spoken vocal as the tenor thickens and thins throughout. Help Will Come then drives a sharp kick and under capacious textures and distant mechanical tones a signature hot and cold marriage emerges - one that fans of the Darkroom Dubs series will relish.

Fighting Gravity then renders a chilling lunar landscape as it suffuses gentle percussive synth stabs with rich, atonal strings that work to round off another coup from a pair of extolled veterans. 

Supported & Played by John Digweed, Seth Troxler, Davide Squillace, Nick Warren, Kiki, Joris Voorn, Sasse, Hector Romero, Danny Howells, Peter Kruder, Master-H, Tedd Patterson (Def Mix/ Cielo NYC), Kolsch, Hernan Cattaneo, AFFKT, Acid Pauli, Nuno Dos Santos, Domenic (Sub Club), DMC Magazine, Mixmag UK, DJ Mag Spain, Hunger Culture, Spain, Decoded Magazine, UK & more… 

It has been two years since Darkroom Dubs label bosses Silicone Soul last released anything and we welcome them back with open arms. ‘Second Door On The Third Floor’ is as spooky as its title suggests with its earthy bass tone, chilling vocals, and crisp 909 beats. Title track, ‘Help Will Come’ is usual Darkroom Dubs affair with its warm groove, mechanical tones, underpinned by a solid drum workout from these genius producers with an impressive 17 year recording career. Finishing off this ep with the bonus beatless ‘Fighting Gravity’ which sounds like an off cut from Nocturnal Sunshine or Jamie XX' - Mixmag UK 

Selected Feedback: 
'Another stunner from the guys, love ‘em all…’ - Nick Warren

 'This is a great dark record from Silicone Soul...' - Kolsch 

'Awesome release from the guys. Help will come is my pick but the whole shebang is great!' - Danny Howells 

'Amazing vibe on Fighting Gravity!' - Joris Voorn 

'Top stuff once again from Silicone Soul...' - Hernan Cattaneo 

'Help Will Come" is a mean weapon for the more far out after hours' - Kiki 

'Help Will Come is a proper eyes closed grooving tune...' - Hector Romero 

'Really impressive stuff. Love it!!' - Tedd Patterson 

'Second Door On The Third Floor is making me smile...' - Acid Pauli 

'Silicone Soul, always superb!' - AFFKT 

’10/10’ - DJ Mag España

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