Fertile Invalids


Cat. No. DRDLTD009

Limited Edition 12” Vinyl & Download

Release date : 16/12/2013


  1. Sese
  2. Pale
  3. Xsilonome

Busking really is next-level in Berlin, with the acoustic guitar replaced by the laptop, drum machine and Minimoog, all powered by a car battery. It was this thrown together setup that first introduced the world to Skinnerbox as Iftah Gabbai and Olaf Hilgenfeld took their leftfield, jazzy attitude and improvised genre-bridging music to the streets of Berlin for impromptu jam sessions. It wasn't long before Skinnerbox were rocking the floors of Ritter Butzke and Wilde Renate and getting their music pressed to the black gold was surely the next step.

Releases on TonKind, Neopren and Bar25 Records followed before the guys were signed to Bpitch Control with their single, Anapol. 2012 saw the release of this follow-up single for the label, God Is Fading and in January of this year the guys lent their remix talents to The Silence Kills by fellow Bpitch artist, Dillon.

Today Skinnerbox make their Darkroom Dubs debut with Fertile Invalids. They have described their own music as infusing soul, breaking house, hard-edged techno, jazz and ambient electronica futurism. This three track ep encompasses all of the above and more and proves just what an exciting addition this live act are to the Darkroom Dubs roster

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