War's Victims

Dimitri Veimar

Cat. No. DRDGAZA001

Digital Single

Release date : 18/08/2014


Darkroom Dubs is as it has been, all about the music. There are no winners in war only suffering. However like most, we hope for a peaceful resolution to the current conflict in the Middle East. Furthermore, like all of us we feel the most innocent should be protected. One of our artists, Dimitri Veimar wished to make a statement through his music and we fully support him in that.

'War's Victims' is available to download exclusively from the Darkroom Dubs Shop and all proceeds will be donated to the War Child Gaza Appeal.
Thanks for your support and please share.
Further Info: www.warchild.org.uk
War Child is a registered charity [1071659].

We'd like to thank the following contributors:
Music written & produced by Dimitri Veimar.
Mastering by Conor Dalton (Glowcast Mastering).
Art by Alexandra Yelenskaya.
Design by Niall Smillie (Fourtwentyseven).
Website Management by Coin Wiseman.

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