Darkroom Dubs Edits


Cat. No. DRDEDITS001

Limited Edition 12” Vinyl Only

Release date : 06/10/2014


  1. Theme De Yoyo
  2. A Love Supreme

Repress out Monday 27th February. 
Pre-order now exclusively from the Darkroom Dubs Shop. 
Limited Edition 12” Vinyl €9,99


RIGHT THEN... So it's a little bit fruity but when its done this well who can really complain? These two tracks kick off a Ltd Vinyl only edits series from the Scottish label...
We're sending these to just a handful of our DJ's who we think will appreciate the music and not just turn their noses up when sent a record that might not slot into straight into their sets... 
The adventurers, risk takers and Connaisseurs. But most of all the lovers of good music. 
As we say, this is a very limited promo and we're doing it because we want you to hear the tracks and hopefully draw some smiles on your dancefloor.

Selected Feedback:
Soul Clap – “Played A Love Supreme at our party in Detroit and had Eli and the crowd drooling!  Played Theme De YoYo in Mexico and the party went off.  Loving those jams!”

Gilles Peterson – “It’s a brave choice to try and work with Coltrane, but this is done really well.”

Alex Barck (Jazzanova) – “These are very handy for me... Good choice of tracks!!”

DJ Marky – “These are SIIIIIIIIICK!!! ☺”

Doc Martin – “Ahh now this is something I can definitely use!!! Theme De YoYo my fav.”

Jimpster – “Ouch! The Love Supreme edit is deadly! Can see this being a big one this summer. Going to be hammering this!”

LTJ Bukem – “LOVE IT! Two of my fav all time pieces of music, ole skool bran nu, done with class.”

Harri – (Sub Club) – “Yeah I’m diggin’ both of these bad boys!”

Trickski (Daniel) – “WOOOOOOOOW!!!! LOVE SUPREME!!! <3!!

Tobi Neumann – “Great tunes… I think to bring Coltrane to the electronic level is one on the most delicate things. They did it well!”

Axel Boman – “YES!! So groovy and fun... I love Skinnerbox!!!”

Luke Solomon – “Totally awesome and so up my street. Cowbells, horns – what more could I ask for?!”

Willie Graff – “That put a smile on my face! Very well done those two edits... Will play them with love.”

DJ Ralf – “OH MY GOD!! Like this you kill me!! Such an amazing job Skinnerbox!”
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – “Right being both of these, lovely vibe = Great reworks!”

Pezzner – “Essential stuff here. Will definitely play these out! Wish I had a vinyl copy!”Kasper Bjorke – “Fruity indeed – but will definitely try these out!!”

Till von Sein – “Wow… Theme De YoYo is frrrrrrresHH!! Oh, and Love Supreme… Can’t wait to play these!!”

Sasse – “These are both great reworks – Will work these babies out!! Thank you for sending guys!”

Tom Breu – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Nice and groovy… Theme De YoYo is a real banger!”

AMDJS Radio – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “This is an absolutely brilliant release! Can’t ait to get my hands on a vinyl copy!”

Michael Rütten – (Soulsearching Radio/Jazz Thing/Groove) – “Never thought that this would make sense, but… it does! 100% support from my side.”

Travis Holcombe – (KCRW, CA, USA) – “Knowing the original tracks, I was sceptical coming into this, but both of these edits really work!”

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