Land Of The Lost

Pedro Aguiar

Cat. No. DRD061D

Digital Single

Release date : 20/04/2015



  1. Snobiety
  2. 3000 And One
  3. Land Of The Lost
  4. Human Error

Lisbon native Pedro Aguiar has been impressing with his timeless compositions that resonate all over the globe for with their technical quality and indisputable originality.

Initially Pedro caught the attention of label heads Silicone Soul, with the sublime deepness of of his Broque single, 'Breakfast in Bali'. A track that became a massive favourite throughout the long hot summer of 2012. Fast forward to 2015 and his much anticipated debut album 'Landscapes & Heartbreaks' is primed and ready for release on Darkroom Dubs. (Out 25th May).

The record showcases Pedro's rich musical pallet for organic textural synthesis and granular wizardry. It's also remarkably the first vinyl LP release for Darkroom Dubs label. Always a challenging format, Landscapes & Heartbreaks is an electronic album in the true sense.

To wet the appetite and as a precursor to the long-player, we present a more club-orientated four track EP from Pedro... ‘Land Of The Lost’. Enjoy ! 

Selected DJ Feedback:
Joris Voorn - "Great release from Pedro and Darkroom Dubs!"

Guy J - "One of best producers out there, love it!! Thnx."

Nick Warren - "Bang on the bloody money, I will open my set at SXSW in Austin tonight with Snobiety. All of them are excellent some good talent here!"

Hernan Cattaneo - "Yessssssssss excellent release from Pedro!!"

Mano le Tough - "Great trancey techno tunes. I like a lot a lot a lot!"

Davide Squillace - "This is weird stuff from Pedro.. But I like it!"

Nicolas Masseyeff - "Snobiety is a FAT record!!!"

The Drifter - "3000 and One is sounding nice to me"

Guy Mantzur - "Love this all pack, Pedro is making beautiful music lately, thanks!"

Nuno Dos Santos - "Snobiety is epic!! Love that track!"

Domenic (Harri & Domenic / Sub Club) - "This is really nice. John Carpenter vibes going on. Will support."

Pig & Dan - "I really like the Land of The Lost cut on this new Darkroom Dubs release"

Till von Sein - "I like Land of The Lost on this EP ... weird vibes.. Lovely!"

Martin Eyerer - "Yeah... Love this Aguiar release! Snobiety my favourite."

Acid Pauli - "I love this release... Will be supporting for sure!"

Ian O'Donovan - "Liking Snobiety and 3000 a lot! Nice dark atmospheres. Will play. Thx!"

Arjun Vagale - "Totally on point techno with an attitude!!"

Cid Inc - "Great EP from Pedro once again, both Snobiety and Land Of the Lost are excellent."

Of Norway - "Dark and epic, just the way I love them!"

Vinayak^a - "Good vibes by Pedro as always. Thanks for sending!"

AFFKT - "WOW, congrats guys this release is HUGE!"

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